Advantage of Grand Canyon’s Best Rafting Trip Adventure

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As a rafting guide that has worked in Grand Canyon I often get asked “what is the best Grand Canyon rafting trip?” While any rafting trip on the Grand Canyon is worth doing, three tours standout with advantages that make them the best adventures for most people. The eight day full canyon motor trip, one day Grand Canyon rafting trip, and the 14-day full Canyon hybrid trip.

Best of the 3: 8 Day Full Grand Canyon Motor Rafting Trip

An 8 day full Grand Canyon trip allows you to see the length of the canyon and it’s top attractions. The trip is short enough for most people to get away and cheaper than the equivalent length hybrid (oar, paddle, dory) trip. Spending a week in the Grand Canyon allows enough time to get to unwind and be present on the river.

Advantages on the Eight Day Motor Trip

White Water Rapids

The biggest advantage of this trip is running all of Grand Canyon’s whitewater rapids. They include the most famous rapid in the world Lava Falls. In July or August the river will be at its peak flow for the year and the waves in Hermit Rapid are enormous. Other favorite rapids include Granite Falls, Crystal Rapid, Horn Creek, and Upset Rapid. These are just a few of the over eighty rapids you will run in the length of the trip.

Side Hikes

On an eight day motor there is time to take some incredible hikes up side canyons into a variety of terrain. Trips typically will stop at the Little Colorado River and Havasu Creek, two drainage with out-of-this-world vibrant blue water. Most trips will stop at a couple of slot canyons with water falls like Deer Creek Falls, Shinumo Creek, Elves Chasm, Saddle Canyon, Stone Creek, and Kanab Creek. Then there are hikes to classic visits like the one to the Nankoweap Graneries. While you will not get to see all of this extraordinary places you will see many of them.


The views all along the Colorado River are breath-taking. However, there are certain sections that stand out. Marble Canyon, the first part of the trip has a narrow red walled canyon that is dramatic and unforgettable. The Granite and Schist Inner Gorge runs through the middle of the run, containing many of the biggest rapids on the river. It also contains many of the best views. Finally there is Muav Canyon another stunning narrow section of canyon. The only way to see all three canyons is to run the full canyon.

Advantages of the Alternatives

The one day Grand Canyon Rafting trip makes